Did you find your passion yet?

I think I found a new passion late in my life – karaoke singing. If you haven’t tried this, you should. It is so enjoyable and a great past time. First off, I had been to a friend’s place for a birthday and found the Karaoke singing in the party a great entertainment. What I was so impressed was the sound that was coming out of the speakers – the music was a delight to hear in a fairly large family room. I didn’t venture to sing on that day. Some of the guests sang looking at the lyrics from meragana.com and seemed to enjoy it.

Once I came back, I started researching karaoke machine. My idea was that when children come to our house, they will have a good time. First I bought  one from Amazon – Emerson GQ756 CDG Karaoke Player. I found I can barely hear the voice even with volume turn all the way up to maximum. Thus this went back to Amazon – one of the few items I have returned to Amazon over the past 10 years or so.
I decided to try out a machine before I purchase so I headed to Best Buy. After some looking around, I saw the same one as was there at my friend’s home – a Singing Machine 1028-N. Some of its features
  1. – iPod dock
  2. – Auto voice control – works with specifically created audio CDs where the voice is on a separate track. With this feature you can suppress the voice to a low extent that you can sing-along and hear only yourself.
  3. – Input from an auxiliary source
  4. – Audio out for recording the output on an external recorder.
  5. – Video display where you can see the lyrics from a CD+G disc
  6. – Echo control
  7. – Two microphone inputs
  8. – Two microphones
  9. – Two speakers with 7 watts each – enough for indoor singing

The finish was extremely nice but while it was a portable unit, it wasn’t a small box that you can carry in an hand. But that wasn’t a big deal for me. My main requirements were #3, 4, 7.

After getting the machine, I found that my voice was heard easily on the speakers. The sound from the instrumental was phenomenal. I was impressed.

This kicked off my urge to try singing. In the recent past I had been to India on a vacation and had got a Kannada karaoke CD. Thus started my newest passion – singing. When we visited another b’day party, the two songs I sung were received very well. You can’t feel happier if there are many requests for encore at your first attempt in public singing, can you?
I found the microphones a bit less effective though compared to the background music. I ordered a ‘Behringer XM8500 Dynamic Microphone, Cardioid’/ At about $20 it is a steal. The voice output is outstanding and it has a built in pop-filter to take away those hisses and pops from your voice. You will need to purchase a cord with this – a XLR female -1/4in male ; I got the ‘Pyle Pro PPMJL30 30′ Professional Microphone Cable 1/4″ Male to XLR Female’.  All in all, my karaoke setup is almost complete. Well, I might need a second better microphone, but I can live without it for sometime.


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