Lousy Verizon wireless hotspot service

This is a review more about the service than the device. We bought the hotspot service through Amazon with the Samsung SCH-LC11 4G. The terms clearly state that you can terminate the service within 15 days without any early termination fee and voiding the contract. We found the service to be extremely choppy and rarely we would get 4G signals. You can’t rely on such a service and device if your business is dependent on it. In addition the device would go to sleep w/o notice. We returned the device to Amazon who took it back w/o any issues. Just to be safe we asked if we need to cancel the service with Verizon and the rep went ahead and did that.
Surprise – we got an invoice from Verizon for $56 and change. The bill didn’t clearly state what the charges are for. They had prorated an $89 charge for the 7 days of the device usage. When we talked to verizon, the representative couldn’t give a convincing answer what the charges were. She once explained it is an activation fee. when we told that Amazon doesn’t charge activation fees, she retracted that explanation. When asked to speak with the supervisor, she came back and said he/she was busy but can give a 50% discount. Why pay 50% on a charge that is inexplicable? After about an hour worth of time on a Saturday morning, we decided to just pay and forget the lousy experience.
On Verizon’s website, the policy states that if we return within 3 days of receipt then there will be no charges. Hope Amazon includes clear policies – the 15 day return is very misleading. Had the service and device worked, we would have kept them. Wish Verizon corrected the issue instead of insisting on charges and leaving a bad taste with a customer.

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