Don’t blame yoga for injuries

An article published in NYT recently – – blames Yoga for injuries. The fact is you can get injured in any sport, for that matter even while sleeping if you fall off the bed!! Doing a posture correctly is one of the right things to do. You must NEVER stretch your body limits in one go. It takes months and years of practice depending on your body’s abilities to get to a certain stage. This is much like cheerleading. If you jump into a somersault on day 1 or week 1 w/o training your body, you will get injured. The key rule in Yoga is to treat your body with care, understand it thoroughly – its capabilities and limitations and respect it. Don’t jump into anything w/o due care. Don’t do a posture just because your neighbor can. Take baby steps. Don’t do a posture if it isn’t meant for you – why do inversions when you have high blood pressure or glaucoma.

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