How I came to the land of dreams

It is interesting how I came to the US. After studying BE at UVCE Bangalore, I studied Indl. Mgmt at IIT Madras and then started working at Kirloskar Computer Services where I met Rama (besides the point :)). After two years at KCS, worked at TCS. During this thime there was this company RCG from US which used to have HUGE sessions at the Taj Bangalore and such places where they would enmasse interview candiadates. I went into one of those and got selected. The VP told me we will get in touch with you. After two weeks, there was no news, so I called him collect couple of times; he said he is waiting for a project. At that time there was so much boom, I guess these companies want people on their roster even if they didn’t have any guaranteed projects. Another couple of calls and I gave up. Then I interviewd at Mastech who selected me but took my passport!! After six weeks, I didn’t hear back from them about a visa and got back my passport. I interviewed with CBSI who then processed my visa right away. While at TCS I interviewed with IMR where a former big-boss at TCS Bangalore was the recruiting head. He also processed my visa. Since the CBSI offer was better, I took that job up, meanwhile IMR got my visa too. On October 20th, 1994 I left India with Rama and 5-month old Vikas. After a few weeks, my father told me while I was talking to him that a Bhagawan (the TCS Bangalore big-boss) had called home and threatened to make my life miserable, which was an empty threat as it turned out to be.

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