Jacksonville scare

Came to Jacksonville, FL yesterday after about 3 years. Citi has moved to a new location in St. Augustine. Driving around Jacksonville, you can’t help but feel impressed with the infrastructure around here – multi-lane roads abound. Plenty of new shopping centers and plenty of places to eat. The first day I come to a place is always hectic – get up early in the morning, drive to the airport, takes a bit of time to find a parking space, then you have Monday morning security lanes. US Airways in Terminal A at the Philly international doesn’t have a preferred members lane so I get to stand in the long lines. Luckily it went past fine as I had enough time. The flight to Jacksonville almost took off on time¬† – i.e., as we were taxing and waiting to take off, the captain announced that the brake system was lighting up and we had to go back to the gate for maintenance. Many Oohhs went up in the air as we were about 15 minutes waiting to get off. After the maintenance personnel attended to the aircraft, the captain made an announcement that we are going to ‘try’. That put me at unease at least. I texted to Rama the same – maybe wasn’t a wise thing to do as it was unsettling to her. Half way into taxi-ing, the captain said we were okay and finally after a near two hour delay we took off.

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