Do you have a hobby? If you do, then you are fortunate. For e.g., today was a tiring and long day after a week of hectic work. I had a small headache and got off work at 6:30 PM. I somehow finished washing dishes and watched some TV. But the tiredness and headache wouldn’t go away. I then did some karaoke singing for 45 minutes and at the end of it I had found back my energy; the headache was almost gone, I sensed enthusiasm to continue and had started enjoying what I was doing. That is a hobby, the one activity which takes you mind of any drudgery or stress and rejuvenates you. It makes you lose yourself and enjoy the present moment. Those who have their hobbies turned into their main work of life are truly lucky. Developing a hobby is important; a hobby turns over time into passion and is a great creative outlet. As long as you find such creative outlets for the energy that is you, you will keep enjoying the moment; else that energy starts to burn in the form of anger, negative thoughts, etc and will consume your positive self.

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