Beware of EOS CCA

I got a call from a Lia at eos cca asking for my someone in the home. I said that person isn’t at home and asked if I can take a message. She asked me to call 781 753 4235 and she will be there till 9 PM and it was about Government taxes. This itself is a clue – no government official calls at 6 PM and no one says they will be available till 9 PM. I hung up and thought of sending a message requesting the person call her. Then I got doubtful and checked the Internet. EOS CCA is a big scam. They call and try to snare unsuspecting people into revealing information. I called back the same number and the same lady picked up the phone. I said, you just called me. She said ‘Did I’? No wonder she must have been making a lot of calls. I said yes you call and mentioned the persons name. She couldn’t recall and asked for the account number. I asked for a government identification and she said she won’t reveal that information. That’s when I knew this was a scam. I said I am going to report you to the agencies and she said go ahead and hung up. If anyone easily gives an account number and gives additional information (for e.g., I forget what company was this with) they can easily look up that information as Verizon and ATT share the information with these companies. Then you are snared into the trap of conversation, etc. Just read about it on the net.

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