My first adventures in driving

Written Jan 22nd, 2008

At Evanston, after my getting driver’s license I started renting cars for the weekend. Enterprise had great weekend deals of about $9.99 per weekend day. The first time I rented this Red (all rentals cars are red, I had thought) Ford Escort. Biju also had rented one. I was to follow Biju back to work as the rental office was about 5-6 miles away. After signing the papers, we started and I could follow Biju most of the way. The traffic was less at about 4 PM and that helped. Near Evanston (Sheridan way, where ZS was located), Biju went ahead at a light. I had to stop. My windows were getting foggy and I didn’t know what to do. This was my first time driving a car in America. I thought I would crash somewhere. I turned the blower on and that didn’t help. The light had turned green and I had to drive (or so I thought). After about a few hundred yards, the windows started getting really foggy. Luckily I had used my hands to wipe the mist away. On top of the fog, I didn’t really have a good idea where ZS was. I saw ‘Church street’ and knew this was close to ZS. I turned into a parking lot and coincidentally it was the lot where we were parking in the mornings. Kirti was renting a car already and we were hitching rides with him to work. Whew, that was a close call. Later on I learnt to direct the air to the windows AND have the fan on at high speed if it got foggy

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