Those stressful HS years

If your child is going to college (especially in the US), it can be a VERY stressful time for both parents and the child. There is way too much work for a senior from school alone and adding to this, filling out applications is a nightmare. It beats filling out forms for the US or Indian government for claims. The hardest part of the applications are the essays. These essays can be extremely challenging and time consuming as the essays need to reflect one’s personal passion and personality. The colleges pay a great deal of attention to the essays. I know my son spent four weeks each on a couple of these alone. Then you need to file the financial aid forms which are a nightmare in themselves that beat out the tax forms filing by a few hundred yards. I would strongly recommend seeking help of professionals to do the Financial forms filling as they can provide accurate information and they would do this every year and it saves you a lot of time. Also seek help for filling out college applications. It might sound trivial why we smart people can’t do this ourselves, but trust me, the counsellors have way lot more experience in doing these tasks and they know better. And if your child is in Junior year and taking SAT tests, again don’t think your child is extremely smart and can ace the test. It can make a difference getting a 2300 or a 2340 or a 2370. Many children can easily get 2200 with practice, but beyond that it becomes increasingly challenging to add every 10 points. Here again, don’t hesitate to get your child coaching. I am thinking the same concepts (coaching) is true for those studying in India too.

Secondly, the times can be stressful to the children. They are anticipating a future and everything depends on what colleges they are going to get into. There is indirect peep pressure (he got into that college, she into that) – all this takes a toll on the child and it wouldn’t be surprising you would have noticed them already getting ‘into their own world’ i.e., less interactions with parents, etc. This would have started earlier on in HS, but will peak in the last two years. It is important we as parents, keep being connected to the child and support them despite our own hectic, crazy schedules.

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