How to overcome a weakness

Say anger is your weakness. You get angry at being wronged, being sidelined, being misjudged, get angry at the injustices or the corruption, etc, etc. You can get angry at even simple things such as someone being late to an event. First off, you want to understand what the ill-effects of a negative behavioral aspect. It instills deep in your conscience a desire for getting stuck. Once you get stuck, you know what happens – you don’t move forward, simple. So the key thing is not to get stuck. Overcoming such a stumbling block is not easy nor is it difficult. Say, you have an opportunity to get angry and you do get angry. Say again, this happens two, three, four, five more times in a row. Now you are already into a habit of responding to a situation with anger. You not only want to break that habit, but also not want to get in that habit. What you want to do is consciously at an opportunity to get angry, NOT to get angry and deal with the situation. More often than not, gut reactions to day-to-day situations can often be misjudged or ill-thought of. Once you deal with a situation, you want to recognize that event and see how you got past that and more importantly realize how you feel about yourself. You will invariably feel good about not succumbing to the vile, but also sub-consciously you will feel strengthened. Now, do this i.e., dealing with the situation five times in a row. Each time you will feel good about yourself and your confidence about dealing with the situation increases significantly. Now you are forming a habit of dealing with a situation and as habits are, that will continue. This is how you develop maturity and feel wiser and at the end knowing you can handle any situation.

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