Beautiful Saturday morning

It is a beautiful Saturday morning and a perfect weekend start. Yesterday, I came back from Wilmington after a successful training at a client – one of the biggest credit card issuers in the world. You will be surprised how much overworked the employees are OR if they are really lax. The three days of training never started on time, always finished ahead of time and the number of trainees was always less then planned. Whatever the reasons, that wouldn’t bother me. In the end, we accomplished what we had to for the few attendees who were constant. Part of the training was also to set up the real production servers thus we killed two birds with one stone. Next week I will be auditing the servers from scratch and certifying the environment.

I managed to drive out for dinner and the first day out, I found Nirvana on Rt. 202 – the restaurant was very okay; pricey and didn’t live up to my expectations.  Next day I found it best to go to CPK in Newark. I took along a colleague of mine who hadn’t been to CPK and the food was decent and as expected; the tab was reasonable. I would always go to CPK and do with one of their soups and a veggie pizza, half of which I can always take home. Unfortunately, thought I stowed the pizza away in the refrigerator, I forgot to take it back home when I left yesterday. So there will lye a great pizza wasted away. Wilmington downtown has more signs of the downturn. I would frequently bump into the homeless in front of the Courtyard wanting money. Pity state of affairs. I couldn’t find the same guys on my way back from CPK as I wanted to give away the pizza.

I dropped off Mike at the Philly airport and took about an hour to get home with the Friday afternoon traffic. Was glad to be home and take a look at it and the ‘Wall of Fam’ as Bharath called it that I put up two weekends back.

Anyway I just wanted to write about today. The outside looks gorgeous and very much welcoming of Spring. A sunny Spring day is a great way to spend time outdoors and cheer up the spirit.

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  1. it is Awesome Few days morning ideal few days start.but confirming the surroundings.The outside looks amazing and very much pleasant of Springtime. A warmed Springtime day is a great way to spend some time outside and boost the spirit

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