Corrupt American University system

When it comes to corruption, the American universities must be ranking high on the list. This is not what usually people think. Consider the fact that many schools are considered ‘Legacy’ schools. They grant admissions to students if their family or relative has attended the same school. This is a totally ridiculous and corrupt criteria. Just falls short of calling it nepotism. Secondly, some schools don’t admit more than one student from the same HS. This is really a killer in a way for talent and merit. Admissions must be made solely on merit. Yes, going by this criteria, the colleges will be swamped with Asian kids, but if that is where the cream of cream is, then the Universities must be open to that. Else, we will in the future start seeing best research coming out of Asia and American students will be vying for places in Chinese Universities. Another factor for admission is the last name, whether it is a Gandhi or a Clinton. Totally psychophantic!! It takes realy guts and foresight to deal with market forces than to be a conformist.

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