How do you counter an undesirable state?

All of us would at some point in time or other would have been in a state which is stressful, where challenges are hard to meet, where even though we are giving our best we are not seeing results, where even though we try not to yet we are anxious. These states take such a grip on oneself, that we get ensconced in it and trying to fight the problem from being deep in the pit. That is where you get stuck. When you are physically deep in a pit, you must first have to climb out of it to find the release. With the mind, it works a bit differently from my experience. You have to let the challenge or problem that you are so engulfed in be pushed to a side and focus on getting into a parallel state of ease or comfort or happiness. From that state you will see solutions more easy or find ways of dealing with a challenge. In such states of co-existence, you will find revelations. How do you get to that state. It is pretty personal. The fact is that you need to recognize that you have to be in a different state of mind. For me immersing myself in any creative activity is a good routine. Also once you get to this state, you want to make sure you stay in this state. It is easy to get disrupted. Recognizing what are the disruptions is also essential. I wrote a blog earlier about my personal cause of disruptions – the lousy quality of getting angry.

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