It is the same mad-mad-mad world

It might at first seem obvious what I am going to write. In the past the ways of social interaction were face-to-face, writing letters or telephonic conversations. As I grew up the focus was on getting into good schools and then a good job. All along, there wasn’t much time for social interaction. Yes, I made some friends but that is inevitable and the conversations continued although to a minimal extent. I had my own job, life, and family to be absorbed in and there was no time for social interaction. In other words, even if I didn’t spend time to interact (I am talking about casual interactions that time permit), I could get away with. In any case, I did get some social interaction via job and occasional gatherings.

Past four years when my son went to High School, I guess I started having more and more time. I found use for the time in terms of hobbies. Still it felt like I was missing something. Then came Facebook and I started getting in touch with my elementary and High school friends. This changed things a lot. Now I could find time amidst my schedule to converse with friends. It is something you share with those whom you studied with and spent the formation years of life that make social interaction have the extra edge. We are all in the same stage of life, each has similar challenges and achievements. Facebook made possible exchanges of small pleasantries, small appreciation which mattered a lot.

Now, when you interact in a large group, your posts need to be really evaluated well before you post until you get into a habit. Else it will irk someone or put off someone else. And in a group, not everyone is the same. The dynamics are different. Some will be part of a group to spend time a fun way; some will be there as they are always – to gather attention to themselves; some get caught up in the heat of the moment and as other things consume they drop off; for some it will be a testing ground – try it and see what happens. Some genuinely are not connected via computers and can’t participate. Others just don’t get into it at all – ‘what’s this Facebook thing? I like to talk directly’. Also, this type of social interaction much like anything else exposes people who are still not mature – those who read into others’ posts and feel inadequate or feel challenged. Then some don’t participate for their reasons.

The benefits of a social interaction should never be overlooked by those who shun away:

  1. Sharing is caring unless it is manipulative. You tell someone good that has happened to you and that in turn gives hopes and aspirations to the other.
  2. You learn from others
  3. You get a chance to appreciate. We all like getting appreciated. But appreciating is a total other ball game. Just observe the next time you appreciate. You will feel good about yourself. And once this is a habit, it makes you stronger.
  4. It is a chance to help out someone else. Even if it is a simple thing to do such as post a favorite song, that song could kindle memories and keep someone else going for a day and help take time off their challenges. Sometimes, any positive external nudge is what it takes to surmount an issue.
  5. In today’s world, you can live all by yourself with a nice job and the facilities. That is totally a wrong thinking. While it is easier to get more and more isolated, getting to be part of a community is never more important. Feeling supported and supporting others is what makes the human Human.
  6. Ultimately the feeling of goodness or wellness that gets propagated within after a social interaction contributes to one’s happiness. This is the most invaluable benefit of social interaction.

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