Yoga for arm strength building

Both men and women need to build strength in their arms. As we grow older shoulder strength matters a lot. We start getting pain when we lift the arms up and hold it even for a minute. The reason is weak upper shoulders. Simple yoga asanas can help. Try some of the below:

1. Vashistasana 

2. Plank

3. Reverse Plank

4. Downward dog

5. Gomukhasana

Also, using the rotator cuff muscles is important. To work on these, you need to the upper part of the Gomukhasana where you take one hand behind the back and try to catch its fingers with the other hand from above. When you practice the Eagle, make sure you keep your head up and the elbow of the hand from above pointing to the ceiling. This lets the lungs expand when they are used during breathing. Note, you don’t want to jump into above if you haven’t practiced Yoga before, those all above are fairly simple asanas. You should also use modifications of above.

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