Piling on the dreams
Pursuing a degree
as though it were the means
landed four years ago
onto the land of dreams.

Breezing through college
was nothing like a chore
for education at home was a bore
here stimulating and challenging it was
made me forget myself to the core.

Two years later, a degree on hand
a job abeckoning, there was no stoppinbg me
for I had found my dreams, separating my feet
from grounds of reality, giving me wings.

The boss enticed me with a promise of H1
months later when I asked
he said there is a slight problem.
I had to pay fees and all
the company would do nothing at all.

Frustrated, I changed my job
this time, I got it in writing
that they would care for me for all.

When it was time to again to apply
the company had been acquired
employees fired, staff replaced
nobody there to honor my deed.

My student visa gave me nothing more to aspire
the clock had ticked away as they say
time goes by fast when you need it so much more.
With just months to go, I fell sick
time passed by, me noting nothing would stick.

Robbed off my dreams, I made up my mind
I would go back home, and hit on it again.
Found a NPO that would take me on
in a role that was years ahead of my dreams.

Sweet was the smell of homeland,
rainy, musty, yes dirty,
it embraced me like a true motherland.

A couple of years later, aced my GMAT
headed back to the land of dreams
hoping for more, giving never up the desire
to dream, to aspire and better for more.

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