That fine Autumn day

It was a long day,
tiring and stressful
the thought of you
kept me going
carrying me through.

Hard as it was
I got out on time
the sight of daylight
wiping my aching mind clean.

The traffic was no bother
I ignored the tailgaters
let them pass through
made way for the mergers
and was sailing through.

Was thinking about our love
for the past year and more
it had been an uphill task
to win your heart
through and through.

Remember the day
when I made up my mind
pushing away all thoughts behind
walked up to you and said
‘Hey, would you grab a bite for lunch?’

Your surprise, your smile
got me as much as you
I knew I had my chance
it was then or never.

It all took just three days
to get to know us together
I could sense you could sense
I was after you.

That Fall evening
amidst the October bursts
and the reddest maples
gliding on the wet leaves
what did I say?

Would you want our friendship
to turn into a relationship?
There was no immediate reply
as usual, will think it over
wasn’t that your reply?

Next week while on a  trip
I called you to hear an answer
you wouldn’t say it, would you?
I knew the answer anyway
someone else had to tell, why not you?

Since that day
work is a chore
the drive is a bore
but life is livable all the more.

Thank you, thank you
from the bottom of my heart
for the spright you put in
my life, my soul
that fine Autumn day
they have never been
the same anymore.

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