Supposed to be sunny
That momentous day
Bright, clear skies
It as my wedding day.

Got up much early
Not even four thirty
Mom more so earlier
She for preparing
And I ‘cuz I was nervous.

It was two years
Since I met Riz
Our love had gotten stronger
It would come to this day
Why should my mind now flutter?

We arrived at the hall
Thirty past seven
My six bridesmaid team
And all the help
Tried cheering me, but in vain.

Determined to break away
Upon stepping out
Met this wise gentleman
Who chatted me up ‘n about.

His first question
How much do you love?
Making me to think of
The very moment that would stick
Through my mind, happy or sick.

Going back two years
Was easy enough
Recalled Riz’s simple charm, his smile
That would always cheer me up.

The man said, marriage or not
That love would stick
You need to worry more if, your love
Would survive a fire like a brick.

All these forty or so years
Through many moments, frail as yours
It has been that single streak
Nothing but feel and thought
That held me to her, thru’ thick ‘n weak.

It was the sun biting my skin
Opened my eyes, couldn’t find him anymore
The bridesmaid that were close
Giggling, laughing, pulling me indoor
Felt lighthearted, marriage a burden no more.

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