Friday evening,
waiting for her return
Heard a loud bang
O no! Not another one.

You see, two yellow lines
And pretty high traffic
Turning left into home
Has always been a concern.

Opening the garage door
Relieved to find her parked
Got a peek on the outside
Stand still traffic, not totally dark.

Beating the drizzling rain
Walking across the lawn
Glass shattered, a wheel down
Shaken, still with his feet on.

All he did was look down
Just for a second, next moment
Air bag deploying, O God
it was all done.

Called 911, troopers dispatched
It would be a few minutes
Question – Are you involved?
No ma’am, I am the neighboring one.

Feeling sorry for this one
Called his dear one
Couldn’t speak same language
But a few okays, she felt some.

Squeezing by, traffic moving
Some crushing glass
People moving on
us keeping an eye on.

Surprise, surprise
Saw him searching all
Despite his discomfort
Keen on finding it all.

Felt fishy, went back in
Heard the phone ring
Trodding back to him
He ordered her not to call in.

On came the police
Ordered hands behind fast
perforce took him away
Apparently warrant pending.

Shaken, coming back in
Pondered ’bout my evening
Wondering how would be his
Wishing could have been something.

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