Getting back on track

Eight months back it was,
that gave me a reason not to
first six weeks was okay
beyond that, I had to.

Stretching, bits here and there
was once a week, maybe two
travelling, going everywhere
never got in the groove

When you don’t work out
or even occasionally stretch
eating habits bad, creep in
making you a lazy wretch.

Then there were parties
and new hobbies, holidays
I also gave up on teaching
started adding weight, many ways.

Once I was over fads, newfound
time slowly starts creeping in
how much can you be bound
doing the same thing, day out and in.

This week, a bit different
started stretching, quite bent
cramps, sore muscles, pains
still saw some decent gains.

Now I feel a bit fitter
can see it, spirits lighter
less heavy, sqeezing the core
hope it keeps getting better.

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