Finding the Yogi within – 2

In the last blog of the same title, I mentioned what is needed to be a Yogi. These were nothing mystic, but just plain common sense and wisdom which is what one would lack when in a state of imbalance. There are also other tenets that are to be practised to find the yogi within. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, in chapter 1.15 states six things to avoid. There are too much eating, heavy physical labor, too much talk, the observances of needles austerities, promiscuous company and an empty stomach (too much fasting). The essence here is on excesses. You don’t want to eat too much, you don’t want to work too much. Let’s stop here for a moment. In today’s world working more is the norm to what is defined as success. But when you work so much that you don’t find time for self-inspection or svadyaya, that is excess. You got to balance work with everything. This doesn’t mean, you have to achieve less of your goals. I have seen students who are so focused that they accomplish a lot more than students who just work hard. Haven’t you heard – work smarter, not harder; that is the key. Back to what is too much – too much talk, too much ritualistic practices. Again let’s stop here. In the eastern world, especially in India, people attach themselves to ritualistic practices. They are so involved that they are felt bound by it even when they have to do a simple chore. Excessive ritualistic practice should be avoided. One reason why Siddhartha and Mahaveer abandoned Hinduism and founded they own religions. The last two too-muchs – too much of socializing and too much fasting. Socializing is a must in today’s world. But when you start to party everyday, you know that is excess and takes away from your focus in life. Many people believe in practising austerities hoping that will help them conquer their mind and body. Wrong. The body needs to be taken care of and the mind needs to be cultivated and controlled.

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  1. Nan Peaseblossom

    This thought-provoking article articulates the essence of avoiding excesses- just what I needed to read! Thank you for sharing!

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