America can do it again!

Interesting fact :McDonald’s outdoes Harvard – Once upon a time, anyone could get hired at McDonald’s.  But today McDonald’s turns away a higher percentage of applicants than Harvard does.  Approximately 7 percent of all those that apply to get into Harvard are accepted.  At a recent “National Hiring Day” held by McDonald’s only about 6.2 percent of the one million Americans that applied for a job were hired.

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All said and done, America has righted the wrong in the past and will always do. America’s days of manipulating other countries for its own good may be coming to an end. Think of the cold war era and the involvement of the CIA and covert operations across the world. Even, today American interests are vehemently protected. But these tactics can’t stand the test of time. The truth is when America alone prospers while the whole world does not, everyone will start hating America. The power of wealth creation is going to take a turn – instead of creating wealth for themselves, soon (maybe centuries, granted), we will start creating wealth for others. Else America cannot exist. Looking across the world today, it is evident. Europe is near shambles. Japan has been relegated. China. Yes, China is a ‘Superpower’ but that power is because of America and its allies. The fact is China can manufacture what Americans want, but Americans don’t want all that China decides to manufacture. China’s status is dubious until it rights its treatment of its population and becomes an innovator.

Coming back, don’t see any country prospering as much as America is doing now. This is relative of course. There are more Americans that are out of job today than in the past two decades. But this can all be solved by simply ‘insourcing’. A simple change of government policy can do its citizens much good than the promise of Obamacare, as it will land more money in the taxpayer’s pockets – what matters most. The power of innovation needs to be nurtured even more. There are more Googles and Apples and Facebooks created in America than in any other country. Such creativity is what will get jobs. The problem of high cost of education is something that the country needs to tackle. Else the obvious and the inevitable will happen – people will shy away from college education. College is where the incubation starts, where the ideas for entrepreneurship incubate. If I need to pay sixty grand a year to send a child for college, that is outright ridiculous. This needs to be righted. These two – JOBS and COLLEGE EDUCATION – must take priority over everything else. These will in turns right everything. Innovation can make medicine more accessible. Recently at the Intel science fair, the top winning prize was a product that would detect cancer during a routine clinic visit. How about that? Don’t we need to encourage such innovation? Think what it will do to reduce the cost of treating/curing cancer. Instead of identifying cancer in the very last stage and spending a lot more money, discovering it early will need less treatment. Simple. Such innovation will create jobs.

America has led the world in the past. It has a chance to lead again by taking a different turn this time. This time, it is by doing good to the world, not live of it. If past is any indication of America correcting the wrong (just think of the countless examples of seeking the truth and treating people right i.e., emancipation, civil rights, respect for law and order – Watergate, Clinton gate, JFK assassination, etc), it can do it again and on a much larger scale. I have faith in America.


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