is a SPAM!

I singed up for to protect my writing. The steps are simple, you create an account, you provide the URL to your site and after verification, they digitize every blog entry and send you an email which is a unique signature of your copyrighted material. This signature can be used to claim copyright when needed. After I signed up, I got my first few blogs for the month digitized and emailed. After about 10 entries or so (right around July 4th), I stopped receiving any email. I couldn’t log onto the site. I sent emails to their support and didn’t get any response. I couldn’t even logon to their site with the password I registered with. I requested that my password be reset and didn’t get any emails despite the site stating I would get one. Given this experience I am bound to believe, this site is a scam to lure people to register their content and provide free material to those who started the site. God knows, what they will do with the content. Really poor experience. If you can’t reply to customer emails, then don’t be in business.


  1. I’ve used it for a while but in July it stopped for me. I guess they ran out of space. Have you donated money to the site? I would be interested to know anyone got their datas erased after donating. Then that would be an official scam.
    But so far, their site’s still on.

  2. The exact same thing just happened to me. Not very happy…

    • Just wondering, does your writing have images in them? These can increase data volume and might be exceeding the bandwidth. I do have some images, but they shouldn’t be much.

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