It is the choices you make – you politicians!!

So how did the Second Amendment even become a law? At that time, I guess the government had no idea of its implications. The implications of Columbine, Arizona, Virginia Tech and the daily street violence all across America. If you have access to guns, how can you prevent a person from using it? President Obama said the person was a evil person today – the one who killed so many in the Colorado movie theater. But, say the evil person did not have access to guns – would we be seeing the massacre? Every person in the world at one time or other gets angry. At the time, put him near two places – a place where he can get a gun and a place where he can confess? Where do you think many people will go? If they had no access to guns but to a priest alone, they would confess, try to reason out they anger and not act at the whim of their minds with whatever they can get their hands on. The second amendment should be amended so as to provide guns only those that need to protect their property where law enforcement cannot. Else there is no end to this. What happened today was because someone in the past killed in public and is setting a precedent for someone else in the future. Now, we can’t go to the movies anymore or will there be long security lines?  What is to stop someone with guns entering a crowded restaurant or another place where so far all of us thought these kind of events wouldn’t happen. Guns are in public just for political reasons – money! It is big money obviously. Politicians hate to make decisions that affect their votes. In a way these politicians and law makers are as gutless and evil as James Holmes.

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  1. Nan Peaseblossom

    It grieves me to learn of the horrific mass shooting in Colorado. I cannot imagine the plight of the victims and their families. My condolences to families of the 14 innocent civilians who died at the premiere of the Dark Knight Rises and all others that witnessed the massacre. It should matter to Congress that heinous individuals are able to buy as many guns as they want. America is awash with easily available firearms. Also, Congress’ inaction in mustering the courage to defy the gun lobby suggests an extraordinary lapse of common sense and political will.

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