Moving on…

You can move on only when you are not stuck, right? Finding closures is the way out. Closures take extra effort to get yourself out of the rut and think different. While making an attempt is very important, closures don’t always happen because of your effort. Sometimes, things work out unexpectedly. That takes an effort from others involved i.e., if they are wanting to get a closure themselves. Today was a day where I had three closures. While I won’t go into the details, they can be categorized into three main types

1) Something you did that you didn’t approve yourself or thought you could have done better. In this case, it is simple, make an effort to out-do yourself with something better

2) Something you did that you thought was good but wasn’t perceived so. In this case just try to move on. Others involved might realize the good of what you did and acknowledge that.

3) Some effort you put in over the past. Simple effort and result.  You see results due to the effort. That is a closure in and off itself

Have a nice weekend!

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