A day at Kingda Ka

Saturday was a day of thrills and rides. We headed out to Six Flags, in Jackson, NJ. The start attraction at this partk is Kingda-Ka, which is a vertical shoot up at greater than 120+ mph and a drop from a height of 454 feet! It all was over in 10 second. By the time the shop up from stop and picked up speed, I felt now I am going to drop down all that height. All I experienced was a moment of floating in air and I was down. When you look at the ride, you think it is insane, but it was all over is so short time that there was no time to relish it during the ride itself. Nitro was more intense so to speak, as the ride was much longer and many humps and I was wishing it would be over soon. Superman was much fun that we started with. Now I could go into any park for any ride, expect those that drop and bounce vertically. It is good for me if it gets over fast and I don’t like those swinging rides as well. We cut short our visit to six hours in the park as one of us started to feel sick. The good part was I had 1/2 of Saturday left to mull over, sing and watch the golden sun go down yet another time.

I had decided not to take my DSLR but instead take the G12 which would be convenient given I will need to stow away the camera on many of the rides. That paid off well, the colors turned out in great contrast. Some of the afternnon was cloudy and took away from some of the pictures. Here is a few of the 100 or so I took.


Kingda-Ka is in the background

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