Riding the downhill in life

After 18 years, the day finally came to drop off our son to College. We started from home at 1:30 PM and came back 7 hours later. Good thing is his college is close to home. The move in went fine, just took an hour and then getting settled all the stuff another two. U Penn had made things easier and we could park close to the dorm on the side road where parking was not permitted generally. Today was an exception. There were quite big carts (trolleys, cardboard boxes on wheels perhaps) and we made four or so trips from the cars. Security was tight (!) – the police men/women at the dorm door would always check IDs every time. There was an open dinner for parents and students that we attended at 7 at the 1930 commons. Food was good – quite a few vegan (but cold) options, vegetarian chili, coffee and cookies. Couldn’t complain much. Thus a new chapter in our lives started yesterday when we came back home – knowing we won’t have the ‘boy’ we raised close by next room anymore. The previous day we spent time with him on his bed recalling the days he would walk into our room early mornings when he was much young and all the fun we had chatting him up. Now, we got to get used to a home with just two of us and our thoughts elsewhere quite a bit. Work and time will help us deal with the change, but a new chapter started inevitably yesterday. I realized I wasn’t just getting old, but had already gotten old! It is the downhill of life and a lot to look back upon.

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