Dec 21st, 2012

The end of the world according to the Mayan calendar. I just had to write about this so I can look back later. To put things in perspective

1. Europe is in financial crisis. Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal all are unable to service their debt comfortably. The crisis is spreading across Europe. UK, though separate, I think is not in any better position. Europe is very expensive, read this as cost of living, for what you can get elsewhere and is unsustainable.

2. China is getting into a recession. The over dependency on the west is hurting it. It has no machine to innovate on its own. All it has is US debt hoping they can hold America by the collar someday.

3. Same story with the BRICs. Maybe, Brazil and Chile has a better economy that is self sustaining. India is also overly dependent on the west and is suffering best the west is.

4. It looks like the world hates America and it just got worse with the anti-Muslim film. Some rogue nation in the least educated part of the world can pull the trigger and things can escalate.

5. America is in no better shape. The US debt is astronomical and ever growing. Jobs are there for the wanting anymore. Though the stock market is near its all time high, it doesn’t reflect the economy accurately.

6. Japan and China are at loggerheads over some island and things don’t appear to be improving.

7. Iran is bent on acquiring nuclear weapon and tensions with Israel have never been worse.

The above paints a bleak picture of the world all set to tiff at any moment. If the world doesn’t indeed end physically on Dec 21st, it has deteriorated pretty badly over the past 12 years. Now that I have written what I think is the situation, it would be interesting to come back and check this out after Dec 21st or even a year later. Cheers!

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