Election Day – 2012

Today is/was Election day. Despite a busy day, I headed out to the polls – this is one day when the government is obliged to make you important – just can’t ignore us if you go to the booth, you are bound to be treated respectfully despite your color, caste or creed.

I voted for President Obama – no qualms about that. I think even to this day the message in America’s declaration of independence is still not implemented to the complete extent. Think about the racial prejudice, the profiling, the supremistic feeling of some and how they get away from it all be it the laymen or the government official. My recent viewing of the movie ‘American Violet’ left me in disgust that even today (well 12 years back) we have people getting ruined for life due to their color or family history or neighborhood and that a powerful DA should get away from it all in being re-elected to office. Think of how much harm it would have caused the accused and so many others. Even today I am not convinced that everyone in America is treated fairly. That sense of fairness is what America’s founding fathers had in mind when they wrote the declaration of independence. That basic, inalienable right should not only be granted but fostered by those especially in power. So today it was all about rights and a fair shot at life for all – social justice all in two words – that prompted me to vote O.

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