The markets don’t like the election results?

Not exactly. They just don’t like the financial situation and sends a strong message to the President that something needs to be done. Unfortunately the system of legislature in the US isn’t working anymore. In the past the need to serve the country was overwhelming compared to partisan interests and a compromise was easier. Now-a-days, the two party system has reached a stage that it is so ineffective in making decisions. The near stalemate over Obamacare, the Bush tax cuts, spending, etc are clear indications that the system isn’t working. It is time to re-think what needs to be done differently.  Vote is the best choice – that would be democracy in action further. To make voting easier, one should be able to vote more easily – not going to a booth and standing in line. It was ridiculous to see the lines in Florida on TV. Why – couldn’t they put in more booths? And Florida is always the last to come up with results – why is that again and again? One should be able to vote from their desks. It is a pity that such an advanced nation technically as the US still has binders that one has to go and sign at a booth before voting. Anyway, fiscal discipline is a must as is combined social progress. The hard working entrepreneur should be rewarded but the lazy bums musn’t be. The welfare system that is rumored to be so abused must be tightened. Hope America becomes the first to get the people to participate in all legislative decisions more effectively.

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