Another mass killing and nothing will happen?

The Sandy Hook elementary school shooting is yet another mass shooting event that the media and government will talk about the next few days and we will be back to going on with our daily lives. How many times when such a thing happens that we talk about doing something and why should it take six mass killings in the year and we got nothing to show for it? The fact is in all these killings the one thing that is common is a gun or guns. Of course, the person perpetuating the killing is a sick bastard, but if he didn’t have access to guns, the probability that many innocent lives would have been lost would be much, much smaller. It is that plain simple and you don’t need a Ph.d to figure this out. But then, why can’t the government – whether local or national – enforce laws that don’t sell any guns except those suitable for personal self-defense. And why don’t we restrict the number of guns a person can own? You don’t need more than one to defend yourself. Touting to be the best nation on Earth and not being able to provide your citizens the safety net that they can send their children to school is a shame.

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