Dances with the shadows

Today morning, a supposed to be wintry Dec 18th, after a cup of coffee I was peering out of the window when I noticed the mix of spread out dew drops on the grass mixed with the sunlight and shodows of the trees on the ground. The golden yellow light always captures my attention. I stepped out onto the patio and the crisp, spring-like air further boosted my spirits. As I looked right I saw the sun rays seeping through the woods. I couldn’t resist (!) and ran inside to get my camera. It had the 50 mm lens mounted and I thought that will do. I spent about 30 minutes getting shots from all angles. I espcially loved to see the shadows and light mixed with the grass and dew on the yard. As I turned to the side of the home, noticed this display of the shadow of the trees on the house. Further down, as I stepped over to the trees, the reflection in the stream added to the interest. All-in-all, a lovely morning. Here are some of them.


Here is the complete set:

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