Your potential and challenges you face

swamiVivekanandaSwami Vivekananda said – ‘It is a tremendous truth that if there be real worth in you, the more are circumstances against you’. When you have faced challenges successfully you will realize the truth in this statement. Often when you face challenges, at the beginning you will be troubled or worried about it. You would have thought that you are not up to it. But each person is a representation of the Divine and that Divine has more confidence in you. Likewise, there is a lot more potential in you that you might think. Not backing away from a challenge is the first thing to do. Then as you put your thoughts and energy into it, the solution becomes evident. This truth about your potential manifests itself not only with a specific problem or a task, but also in your life’s bigger challenges. What I am saying is if you take a task of passing an exam in flying colors, that is a challenge. If you ever thought realizing your fully potential was impossible due to either humility or just that you were not cut out for it due to circumstances, the manifestation of your abilities becomes clear over a period of time. You would have forgotten about it altogether but as you evolve in life, you will slowly start seeing that what you thought as not possible, is possible.

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