Ask and you will get it

In their great book, ‘Ask and it is given’ – Jerry and Esther Hicks say that you will get what you ask from Him but you will receive it only when you are ready for it. It sounds preposterous that you can ask and get what you want. But asking is the first step in planting the seed in your conscience. Once you plant it and assuming you work for it, you will see the end results you wanted, but only if at that point you are ready to receive the results. You can ask for wealth and again, if you work for it, you will get it, but if you don’t work for it you won’t be at the position where you can receive it. This is another way of saying, if you don’t work hard, you don’t get it. An idiot can ask ‘God, give me wealth’ and sit lazy for any amount of time but he won’t get it. God will give him what he wanted only if He thinks the person deserves it. Same thing goes with love, gratitude, caring, fairness, justice, etc. You can’t receive love if you are not open to receive it. If your heart is filled with hatred, all love shown upon you gets bounced. There are situations where people get something even without asking, but that is something totally different. In order to ask, you need to make a conscious decision to ask, think about the material or thing you asked and have some sort of plan what you want to do with it.

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