To see Happiness around you

You need to be happy yourself. That’s the first and foremost step. Your happiness defines your persona and your persona influences people around you. Happiness is contagious, you can always rub it off on others and still have all of it! It is like a candle – it light other candles while maintaining its own light. Be happy and see others see that happiness in you. To find happiness involves a lot of steps:

– Identify your boundaries and stick to them. This applies to anything in your life – work hours, goals you want to achieve, money you want to make and spend, etc.

– Push your boundaries within limits. It is okay to push the boundaries a bit at a time. Just don’t be too aggressive. One step at a time also helps you keep track of the results. You start to see those small yet tangible results. All these add up in increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem.

– Contentment: Looking at someone else and wanting to be that person and wanting to have what someone else has is a recipe for personal self-esteem disaster. You need to find who you are and start feeling comfortable in that recognition yourself first. Then you need to explore the possibilities that are out there for you. So you are operating within a set of confines that is meant for you specifically.

– Don’t let your weaknesses overpower you. If you see that you are getting angry or jealous or see a dark side in you, try to recognize that and see why that is happening. Situations trigger those weaknesses and they overpower you and keep you from moving forward. It is important you identify those weaknesses as early as possible and not to fall trap to those.

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