Asteya is one of the five yamas of Raja Yoga. First off,  a Yama is a principle or self-restraint that one has to practice. In Raja Yoga, five yamas are a first step in Self-realization. These five are

– Ahimsa (Non-violence)

– Satya (Practice of the truth)

– Asteya (non-stealing)

– Bramhacharya (Practice of celibacy)

– Aparigraha (withdrawal of senses)

Asteya or non-stealing is the practice of developing originality in your own being. By stealing, one takes the easy route in acquisition and that comes in the way of  building the moral character of the person. By following asteya, one starts to give way for the mind to develop his or her own unique way in dealing with situations. That unique way is what will set one apart and that way is what no one else can come up with. In any practice, developing originality is a must. Displaying originality lets others know that if you are given a challenging situation, you can overcome it yourself. This makes the people around you trust you into solving problems. As not everyone on the earth could have gone through all possible situations. Each situation is unique to you. By practising asteya, one prepares for facing bigger challenges in life and is an important stepping stone in Self-realization.

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