iPhoto sucks – cannot download modified raw files to my PC

If you have an iPad and are a photo enthusiast, you more like would have tried out iPhoto. This is a super app when it comes to organizing and editing. You just have to connect the iPad to your camera via a camera adapter ($29) and iPhoto imports the photos into its album. But this is easy. What iPhoto excels is at editing and making editing easy for the non-technical user. You need a bit of getting used to, but with just one click you can use the auto-enhance picture to make your photo look great. Cropping is another super easy task, where once you select the feature, you see a bigger square/rectangle around the picture with smaller ones inside. You can just drap the sides to size your picture. And you can upload the photos to Facebook or Flickr in a snap.

There are a couple of drawback of iPhoto. First is it hides the photos that you edit. There is no way you can access them using a file explorer sort of app. Secondly, it will also bloat your disk space on your iPad because by design, it does some editing such as auto-rotation (which you can turn off though) and then store the copy of the edited photo. All this will start eating your space especially if you work with raw format files, like I do. Raw format files are unprocessed files that you can apply your own edits to and gives you a lot more control when it comes to enhancements.

Yesterday I had been tot he Philadelphia Flower show which I will blog about in another post. I uploaded the photos to my laptop. But it was getting way too late and I was too tired. So, like I always do, I went to bed, put the bed-side lamp on and picked up my iPad to watch something or read something before sleeping. But being what I am, I couldn’t sleep knowing all the 470 photos I and Rama had taken were just sitting there :). So I took out the photo adapter and started importing the photos to the iPad. A few months before, due to lack of space and iPhoto eating up space, I had deleted all my photos – in fact I had reset my iPad to regain space. After importing the photos, as I reviewed them, I started making edits – simple ones, such as crop and auto-enhance. Then I posted them to Facebook. It took me an hour to finish up editing and posting some 100 photos. That’s how easy it is – and remember I was in bed! ha, ha.

The edited photos were on the iPad, but I wanted to get them to my laptop where I have all my photos albums. iPhoto creates a separate album for modified files. Here is all I tried to get these modified files to my laptop:

1) Used File app Pro to view the files on the iPad, but the app only shows the imported, imported all and camera albums, not the modified album.

2) I connected the iPad to my laptop. This is supposed to get you access to the iPad’s file system, but I couldn’t locate any files.

3) I thought GoogleDrive would do the job. But it really sucks on iPad. It wouldn’t do any uploads successfully.

4) I have an app called PhotoSync and tried it. This sounded like a great solution as all I had to do was to have the Windows version installed on my laptop. But Photosync couldn’t connect to the wireless network stating ‘error in connecting’. This is a pretty prevalent error and I gave up after 1/2 hour.

5) I then switched to Dropbox, downloaded the app onto the iPad and it shows only the photo albums, but not the modified albums. I went ahead and tried to upload photos from the last imported album thinking it will ‘somehow’ pick up the modified version, but it didn’t. Another waste of time.

6) Finally I noticed iPhoto had an option to upload to Flickr. So I reactivated my dormant Flickr account and uploaded the modified album. A free account of Flickr has a 500MB limit, so after uploading 49 photos, I couldn’t see any more in Flickr. So I went ahead and upgraded my account paying $6.95 for a Pro account. Finally I was able to see all the modified files on Flickr. It took me a while to figure out how to download the files from Flickr and in their original sizes. I had to use an app on Flickr called Flickandshare and managed to download all the files to my laptop. FINALLY! But this wasn’t what I really wanted – those files were all in jpg format and not the original raw files.

In short, I just cannot get the modified, raw files from iPhoto on iPad to my PC. Period. iPhoto sucks when it comes to meeting my requirement at least.

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