Time – Why shouldn’t we stop you from running?

Dear Time,

I was wondering why we all shouldn’t make a concerted effort to stop you from keeping on running away. Your running does a lot of pain, discomfort to all of us. You keep taking away the good times from us.
– I recall visiting Jay Auntie when I was young. Her house was just opposite ours. She used to give me a lot of treats whenever I visited her. Her two daughters treated me and my brother affectionately. Now when I last visited my home, their house is no more. It was sold and has been replaced by a multi-story building and yes, there are nice people in there too, but I miss the affection. Why couldn’t you stop at that moment and let it go on?

– My maternal Grandfather used to visit us from his village in Shimoga district. He would come unannounced, but it was all excitement for me and my brother. He would give us a small bag of groundnuts and some money to spend. No one in our house, would ever give us any money to spend. If we would spend the money, we could go back to him and ask for more and he wouldn’t refuse. Why didn’t you stop at that moment and let such good things go on?

– I remember when we grew up our home was filled with a lot of good noise and laughter. There were always these friends from the neighbouring houses who would visit us in the evenings or any spare time. We would play cricket in our compound till grand mother would lose her cool and drag us in. We wouldn’t care if it was hot sun but kept on playing. We would even take a 1/2 hour break to get lunch and resume the test matches we were playing. Why didn’t you stop from running then and let it go on?

– During the festivals, such as Ganesha Habba (festival), it was all excitement from the day before to the day after. We knew we would get new clothes and couldn’t wait to try it on. It was fun to get up the day of the festival early in the morning, take a head shower with castor oil and get it washed with soapnut powder. Despite it all getting into the eyes and making us almost cry, we enjoyed every moment of it knowing that just a few more moments of doing pooja to the god and we could try on the new clothes. Why didn’t you stop then and there?

– When it was Deepavali, it was even more exciting. All the crackers that would be bought before the day and we both brothers could hardly take away our eyes from watching them all day. We would make sure the crackers were in prime condition to burst, by laying them all out in the sun and watching for the spoil sport – rain. We would hurry out the moment we heard rain drops and pack all the crackers to get back inside. We had such good time distributing the whole package between us. Father made sure he had bought an even number of each type so that we wouldn’t get into fights. The whole day of Deepawali was even more fun. Getting up earliest in the street was the game – who would burst the first cracker. And the bursting would go on all day. We had to take a break in the morning or we would run out of them for the even more gala evening celebrations. It was fun once in a while to aim the rockets at the neighbour’s houses! Oh, why didn’t you stop and let the fun continue.

– As I look back, the home that was filled with joy and people always is different. Mother and Father are not so capable now; they can barely take care of themselves. The number of visitor have shrunk. I just don’t see all the activity that used to go on and miss the children playing in the compound and the street. Why didn’t you stop then and let the laughter go on?

Your running away brings pain and misery and takes away all the good and fun. Why shouldn’t we stop you from doing so?

Yours forever,


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