What a woman wants

If you are following the Jodi Arias case, what do you think – is she right or wrong in her act? No one must condone murder. Here is a woman who was infatuated with the man, had a relationship for a long time. Then she found out that this guy is not the same she thought – he was having affairs all long and not really committed to her. This is a good reason to feel let down, angered. So she starts to stalk him and be it a ruse for a final meeting or not, she commits murder. With all the inconsistencies she has had in her testimony, I still feel she deserves not to die. You only know what betrayal is when you are betrayed. And when it comes to a life partner and you get betrayed, it is one of the worst things that can happen.

This is a good point in time to think about why the West has so many divorces now-a-days. This is also becoming a norm in my home country too. The sort of impulse thinking of fun, individuality, comfort,etc all are major factors in the decision of marriage now more than ever. When marriage is calculated in such a way, it has started on a wrong premise. You want to start marriage on the basis of love and then welcome the world that opens up to you. A good marriage is a great example of a great teamwork. One doesn’t feel superior to the other – we just have roles to play and we should play it well. The moment, one starts to evaluate if one’s role is better or worse, he or she has put an iron axe into the concrete foundation of marriage. This brings me back to the title – what women wants. A woman wants committment and for that she is willing to take on a lot – child-bearing, giving family care and love and more. If a woman has this committment, she is going to look beyond everything else and puts everything else behind. Unfortunately man being the animal he is, is always looking to further God’s progeny and is less committed and in today’s world of a social system, his nature is more restrained. And this lack of committment becomes more with more exposure and more fame and more wealth. Else why would we have a Governor seeking prostitution, a Governor having an affair with a housemaid, a President having an affair with an intern, a congressman seeking attention despite having an extraordinarily beautiful wife, a senator seeking sex in public restrooms, a billionaire 81-year old investor sleeping with a 26-year old woman, a few presidential candidates who blew away the most glorified career due to affairs and the list is endless. I just wanted to point out the difference in thinking between men and  women when it comes to marriage and it boils down to one word – committment. I must also say when a woman starts to get too comfortable with the sense of commitment she is getting, she can let her guard down and therein lies the risk of losing the committment.

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