The Power of Yoga

Being alone can be a boon and sometimes,  or more often than not, a curse. It is a curse in that you alone cannot sustain positive energy and you succumb to the likes of age, physical condition, social condition, economic situation, etc, etc. All these can drain you of energy and worse you might be just left with negative energy. The best way to overcome this is to engage yourself in some activity you love to do so that you can immerse your mind and divert it. One of my favorite activity is Yoga. The power of yoga is not just diversion but it does wonders to your body. All the stretching releases energy and you find the difference after the session – in how your body feels lighter and more importantly how your mind feels relaxed and positive. I have found no other activity as good as Yoga to get the mind back into shape. Forget what you can do in Yoga – don’t worry about how much you can bend or twist – that is not the point of Yoga. Yoga is about connecting with yourself, breathing well and of course stretching. So stretching in this context is just that – whatever you can do and not how much of the book or video you can follow. If you want to have an intense session of Yoga and you are for it, then it is okay to switch off everything else such as TV or music and just get onto that. Else, it is okay to turn on the TV or music – as long as either of these aren’t loading your mind. I have sort of developed this ability to switch off from TV when I am doing Yoga. This also gives me some company of sorts when I am alone in the house. My point is, it is more important to find that time to stretch, breathe and connect than not to do it. So whatever gets you going, let it be. Sometime I might find the TV too distracting or when I feel like doing some deep meditation, I turn the TV off.

Today, after my day’s work, I was feeling tired and alone and the demons 🙂 started to get onto me. I washed the dishes but yet I had so much time. So I dwelled onto a session of yoga. And it was a transformation after 30 minutes of it. It wasn’t 30 minutes of intense yoga, but I took my time to get into the asana and be there and feel the energy as I breathed slowly and purposefully. Thank God I did it; you will too – just keep on trying.

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