Life means challenge

In one way or other, life is full of challenges. Whether you are preparing for an exam, trying to find a job, making ends meet, preparing your children for school, taking care of a beloved one – there are too many to name. All these challenges are unique to each individual. The human spirit enjoys challenges to a large extent. Some challenges are so great that one feels powerless and helpless. Such challenges have the ability to drain you of your zest to continue life. It is important that in such situations you don’t give up hope and not let your spirits get hurt. It is that spirit that can keep you going. As you keep it going, you are working with time and time can be a healer and an opportunity breaker. You never know. So do your best but keep that spirit up. God helps those who keep Him in their spirits – for the fact that letting the spirit continue is to nurture Him in you. So whatever the challenge you are facing, don’t forget to remind yourself of what you are, what you were and what you can be. You can be a source of inspiration to countless others who are getting onto the boat. In doing so i.e., by keeping up your spirit, you show the way for others how to keep up. As you chop away one challenge after other, chop away the depression, chop away the negativity, chop away the self-doubt itself that is in you, remind yourself there is light and open space ahead of the forest you are fighting to get out of.

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