Building self-esteem

Bringing up children is one of God’s given joys. Children represent the future and we want them to be more than what we could be. But Children need guidance and constantly be pointed in the right direction. Children resort to their elders and immediate family members as role models. What the elders do have a great influence on them. Despite all the monitoring and rearing, many children lack self-esteem. One thing you want to teach your children is to always follow the right path No matter what others think as of that moment, they have to believe in their hearts that do the right thing is the only best course of action. A child might ask – how do I know what is the right thing to do. You want to tell him or her that every time he or she does the right thing, in a matter of short time he will feel good about the decision. There is no one particular way of feeling good – it is unique to each and every one. So they need to find that out themselves and know when they feel good about a decision and when not. This is the only way they can develop good self-esteem and good judgement.

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