Painful reminder

Physical pain is a constant reminder that one is mortal. After all, we spend some much time on meaningless struggles and irrelevant battles, but once you are reminded that you are mortal, things change or ought to change. Last week I was travelling in Indy and bit into one of those grainy breads in a sandwich and that was enough to impart a crushing jolt to one of my lower left molar. The pain was intense. Add to this, the guy at the restaurant being the salesman he is, offered a sample of raspberry iced tea. Without thinking much, I poured the small sample into my mouth and it went and hit directly on the same molar. This time around, the crushing pain was unbearable and my mind blanked out for at least 15 seconds. It took me another minute to recover from the stinging feeling. Then it started. There was this lingering throughout the day and it got worse at night. In the evening, I had wisely driven up to a CVS pharmacy and picked up a small container of Advil and also some oral cream. But that wasn’t enough. Next day morning, I called my dentist back home and she prescribed me some antibiotic and a prescription strength pain-killer. It was too strong that I had to throw up. It feels miserable when you are travelling and you fall sick. The next day, the dentist agreed change my pain medication and I was glad I did. I was back home Friday and saw the dentist Saturday morning. She couldn’t pin point the tooth with the problem, so he recommended me to a specialist. But this is America and it is the weekend. So I bit the bullet and stayed home through the weekend. Today the specialist took one look at the teeth and said ‘Root Canal!!’. It was over in 45 minutes. Luckily the root canal is not all that painful now-a-days. It is the pain leading up to the drill that is unbearable. Anyway, when you feel that kind of pain, it trivializes all meaningless battles that you see being fought – that was all my point. Have a good day!

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