Destroying is easy, building is difficult

The Boston terrorist bombings yet again prove that against a collective good, the bad cannot do much. The damage was done and hundreds of innocent lives suffered, but the human spirit is such that it survives, let goes and moves on. On the other hand, the terrorists end up with their souls permanently scarred and in many cases unable to fully understand the real damage they did – the lives that were permanently lost and those who have a full life ahead of suffering. They don’t comprehend the full extent of suffering that was caused – if they were to visit each person injured or killed and assess the impact on their lives would they get some sense what they did. Hatred begets hatred and this is what happened with the two that committed the heinous act. In the end, the two were not victors – a few might sympathize with them, but most of the world recognizes the opposite. If ever the two would think (I know one is dead) what did I accomplish and did we really achieve what we wanted, it would be easy to see their failure.

In the same context, anything bad is easy to do. It is the choice one makes. When it comes to spammers, it is no different. If you want to earn a living, don’t take the easy way out, create something of your own that is good for others or at least stay on the path that is good. Trying to hack into other accounts, spamming pepole with needless messages shows a real lack of empathy to fellow human beings. In the end, you lose.

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