Ha, A nice one!

This week was hectic. It was the last of the four weeks of continuous travel. Monday morning, I had a late flight to Columbus, OH. The advantage with late morning flights is that you don’t have to get up when the world is sleeping. The problem with late mornings flights is two-fold. You run into peak hour traffic and the ride to the airport increases by a factor of 50% at least. Then, at the airport, you spend extra time hunting for a parking spot. It took me 10 minutes of driving to find one. My flight was out of terminal F, but you don’t want to part at F knowing that the return flight late at night never lands in terminal F, but always at B or C. So I had learnt to park at B or C. But parking was full at B, C. I got into the D garage but could find no space and ended up parking at terminal E. Philadelphia airport is probably one of the worst commuter friendly airports, whatever the rankings are. Basically, I do not trust the management nor much of the staff that work there. This is after an incident two years back when my laptop bag was stolen just within a matter of 90 seconds. You would think leaving a bag unattented in this post-9/11 era would attract security. But, someone decided not to report and found a bag with two laptops and a nice camera an easy steal. After all, he could just walk away slinging it on his shoulder. The airport security was basically useless. So much for the Philly airport.

My four days at Columbus went pretty okay given there was a dearth of work. It is too tiring for me on Mondays to get sleep at the hotel. I can’t sleep when I am tired – that’s just me. By the time it is Tuesday evening, I am getting my energy levels back. We managed to drive to Dosa corner on Old Hennessey road. This is (or was) one of my favorite South Indian restaurants in the entire USA. However, this time I thought the dosa and appetizers were way too oily for me. Maybe I have gotten old, else why would my two other colleagues say the food was great. Three full bellies and the bill was less than $60 – that’s not common in the US. By the way, I have found out to get a better sleep, it is best to have a hot shower in the evening after dinner!

The hurricane in Oklahama had been devastating and Columbus had some severe thunderstorms forecasted for Wednesday. This missed us and went to Chicago. The severe weather warning repeated on Thursday and I got several flight delay alerts. My flight was at 8:15 PM and I knew any delays of that flight would probably mean I will be staying through the night at airport. So I headed out early and was able to catch the 1:30 that was delayed as well and re-scheduled for 3:30. Thursday evening – I was glad to be back home. It was our anniversary the next day and our son’s birthday. So I did some shopping on the way back.

With the long Memorial weekend ahead, the weekend ahead looked brighter if not relaxing. I wanted to write about how relaxing my yoga routine was on Saturday, but I realize it took a while to get to that.. So that would be another post.

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