It is as you see it

I read an article on Tiny Buddha where the author basically said he thought he was smart as he grew up and was destined for ‘success’ but in the end after 20 years of working here and there, he ended up supporting his wife’s photography business and he was quite happy about it. Many readers agreed with his views of not having to be a success in the traditional sense – great career, great house, tons of money, fast cars, etc. Success has two definitions – a) Man created success such as measuring everything by net worth b) God created success – measuring how happy you are. Aim for happiness and do whatever it takes to keep yourself and those around you happy. Then you are as successful as a human being can be. After all man, with billions of dollars of wealth, can look around and find another richer than him or another who has something that he doesn’t have and thus can never be happy.



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