Razor sharp

To excel, you need to have razor sharp focus. The Yoga sutras by Sage Patanjali states that ignorance is the root cause of misery. Ignorance can be filled by knowledge and to obtain all the knowledge you can, you need to a clear focus on what you are doing. There are times in life when your focus can get astray or maybe you are focused on things unnecessary. This can not only drain your energy but also keep you from learning other things or doing something more useful. In a long span of time as one’s life, you have so many opportunities – to do, to learn, etc and without yourself realizing some momentary or ever-pervasive distractions can keep you from progress. By progress here what I am referring to is overall how good you feel about yourself – how accomplished you are relative your true potential, etc, etc. Identify those distractions and stay focused. Regular meditation is a way of keeping the mind calm and balanced. A ever tired mind is a prime candidate for needless distractions. Hence the sacred texts always tell you that you need to control the mind. If you let the mind do as it pleases, you might not realize right away but eventually you will feel the loss deeply.

07-Apr-2013 19:23, Canon Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS, 10.0, 55.0mm, 0.003 sec, ISO 200

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