The Behavior Cement

If you haven’t heard of the term – Dopamine, you better start reading upon it. This chemical explains a LOT about behavior and behavioral issues. Dopamine is basically a chemical in the brain that gets produced in relation to rewards as a result of action. When your body wants or desires something the level of Dopamine goes up sensing the reward. This is associated with any reward seeking activity such as food, sex, cigarette, alcohol, gambling, shopping, etc. When you are seeking sugar or sex, it is basically the body’s way of getting what it wants, most of it being sex. This way the primitive brain is programmed to seeks fertilization and promote reproduction. High levels of Dopamine lead to risky behavior, ADHD, rapid leg movements, and low levels to lack of motivation, depression, Parkinson’s disease, social anxiety, etc. This article explains the pros and cons of the chemical and when there is a spurt and when there is a lapse. I read in another article that the brain recognizes when to produce the chemical. Say you like to do something especially and you enjoy it, then Dopamine is produced. The more you like, the more the brain is programmed to produce it. Thus, the chemical can be called as a ‘Behavior Cement’ – it cements the pleasure-seeking behavior in you. No wonder, once you start enjoying something, it becomes a habit or even an addiction. A balanced level of Dopamine is necessary for a balanced mind. In a way this is Science stating the obvious – yogic texts always have recommended moderation in everything. They just didn’t know that there was a chemical call Dopamine that was the cause of changes in balance. Knowing the cementing behavior of the chemical, one can say that if you start to like something, say, such as a chore, then the brain will recognize that and produce the chemical everything you start doing it. This is how you get to develop a passion. Don’t expect, in most cases, that you are born with a talent. Work on it and spend more time on it. The enhanced focus tells the brain – hey, this is my pleasure seeking activity and the brain cements the liking for future.

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