National Security Privacy

The recent scandal of NSA snooping on citizens’ personal voice records comes as no surprise – really speaking i.e., if you are exposed to the world outside America. Bar this fact and think about a country such as the US. There are people of all nationalities more than any other country. And there are people coming in on a daily basis – literally speaking. Given this and no definitely way of knowing who is good and bad, how is a country’s administration supposed to protect its’ citizens and their interests? There are millions of phone calls and maybe billions of emails going around and better way to patternize who the bad elements are? The fact is Big Brother isn’t looking at every conversation as a first step, but they will look at phone records and see if someone is making calls to a specific person of interest or country of interest on a regular basis and if so, they will subpoena for the actual conversation. To me this is perfectly alright given the larger interest. Yes, the government can, unlike other countries, can say we will look at your conversations but you have nothing to worry if you aren’t doing anything anti-country or illegal. But privacy advocates need to realize if they are part of a country/community, not everything is private.

10-Apr-2013 12:43, Canon Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS, 3.2, 55.0mm, 0.013 sec, ISO 200

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