Juice with no sugar, please!

Don’t you love freshly squeezed Orange juice? The canned Coke made Orange juice you get on the planes or at the breakfast buffets are acrap- aplenty. They have lots of sugar and quite stale at that. They could have been in a container for months and you look at the ingredients and you will find preservatives (chemicals mainly). On top of that the inside lining of these containers are a point of debate though the FDA has approved them for coming in contact with food. But freshly squeezed Orange juice is another ball game. The tangy, bitter sweet taste is a fresh wake-up call for a tired soul or on a Sunday morning. Next time you make the OJ, don’t add sugar. Sugar is something you should start treating as passable every time. Instead, add carrots while making the juice. The natural sweetness of carrots make a great substitute. Then don’t forget to add ginger, which makes a great juice heavenly! If the oranges aren’t sour enough for your palate, squeeze some lemon into it and you got yourself a great cuppa juice!


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